Pune: Bridge On Kamshet-Wadivale Road Submerged, Contact With 8 Villages Cut Off

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Pune, 13th July 2022: The bridge over the Indrayani River at Wadivale near Kamshet has gone underwater again this year and contact with eight villages has been cut off. Since there is only one way of transport for these villages, will the administration and political leaders pay attention now? Such a question has been raised by the concerned villagers.


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The contact with eight villages named Wadivale, Valak, Budhwadi, Sangise, Valhavali, Nesave, Khandashi, Umbarwadi has been completely cut off. Even while the water is flowing from the bridge, some dairy traders, working people, and school children are seen making this life-threatening journey every day. In Maval, bridges have been submerged in several places and villagers are angry that the administration has not yet woken up.


If the Irrigation Department had already surveyed and tested the bridges in the flood areas during the rainy season, it would have been possible to take measures. Many bridges in Andar Maval have been submerged, while the bridge near Tung village in Pavan Maval is about to submerge.


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Villagers have expressed grief and anger that leaders who visit villages during elections only come for votes and no one appears during difficult times.