Pune Cantonment To Seal Shops Operating Without Proper Licenses, 700 Establishments Under Scanner

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Camp, 13th September 2021: About 700 shops including some restaurants face closure in the Pune cantonment board (PCB) area for operating without valid licenses. The PCB will launch a drive from September 15 against illegal business establishments.


Amit Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of PCB, said that the licenses are required for fire safety and hygienic conditions. We have decided to act against violators and their establishments will be sealed until further notice.


According to PCB officials, notices have been already issued to some business owners. If they do not get the requisite license, we are going to seal their establishments/shops as per the provisions of the Cantonment Act 2006, the CEO informed.


The PCB would be charging between Rs 800 to 3000. As per the Cantonment Act 2006, the board can also charge a fine of Rs 50,000 to the violator.


For the license, the applicants will have to apply through the board website and submit the necessary documents online. The license will be given on completion of the procedure and the applicant does not need to visit the cantonment office physically. It is mandatory for the applicant to submit a fire safety and hygiene certificate while applying for the license.

The license is mandatory for eateries, restaurants, grocery shops, pharmacies and other business establishments.

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