Pune: Controversial Lecture by Symbiosis Professor Sparks Uproar Over Remarks on Hindu Gods

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Pune, 3rd August 2023: A lecture delivered by Professor Ashok Dhole at Symbiosis College has stirred a heated controversy due to its alleged derogatory remarks against Hindu gods. The lecture, which was recorded by students, went viral on social media, leading to widespread outrage among the college community.

The students at Symbiosis College raised serious complaints against Professor Ashok Dhole for reportedly making offensive comments on Hinduism during his lecture. The recorded video of the lecture has been submitted to the college administration, as students claimed that their sentiments were deeply hurt by the remarks made about Lord Rama, Sita, and other Hindu deities. The professor is also said to have drawn parallels between Hinduism and other religions like Islam and Christianity, further adding to the controversy.

The administration at Symbiosis College has been under scrutiny for allegedly not taking immediate action despite the complaints raised by the students. Despite the college’s promise to address the issue, students have expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of action taken by the authorities.

In response to the administration’s inaction, concerned students sought support from the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) and some Hindutva organizations. As a consequence, the college witnessed a significant uproar, with various groups demanding appropriate action against the professor.