Pune: Daughter-In-Law Strangles 71-Year-Old Mother-In-Law After Quarrel Over Cooking

Chakan Police station
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Chakan, 16th July 2022: A daughter-in-law strangled her 71-year-old mother-in-law with a nylon rope due to a quarrel regarding cooking. This incident took place in Chakan and the police have arrested the daughter-in-law.

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Sushma Ashok Mule (71) is the name of the deceased mother-in-law and Suvarna Sagar Mule (32) is the name of the arrested daughter-in-law. Police sub-inspector Vinod Shendkar has filed a complaint in this case.


According to the police, there was always a quarrel between late mother-in-law Sushma and daughter-in-law Suvarna. Suvarna has a three-year-old son. She used to give her to mother-in-law Sushma for babysitting and she used to chat with neighbours, which also led to quarrels.


Sushma had a fit, diabetes and BP. After Suvarna’s husband left for work, the two had an argument over cooking late on Thursday (July 15) night. There was a fierce fight between them and Suvarna strangled Sushma with a nylon rope.


On seeing the mother-in-law unconscious, she called her husband and said that the mother-in-law had a fit and was taken to the hospital. Sushma was declared dead there. The doctor got suspicious and called the Chakan police station.


The police immediately went to the hospital and interrogated Suvarna, the accused daughter-in-law was only saying that Sushma had a fit and fainted. Finally, the post-mortem report revealed that the reason for the death was strangulation and the accused daughter-in-law was arrested by the Chakan police.