Pune: Food delivery Boy’s Bike Gets Torched; Mirchi‘s RJ Ira Aids Him Back To Business

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Pune, 2nd June 2021: Madhav Gaikwad, a delivery personnel, lost his means of earning a livelihood due to a case of mistaken identity last Tuesday. Victim of a tragic incident, Madhav was on the job and picking up an order from the restaurant, when an angry customer torched his bike, having mistook him for another delivery agent the customer had a fight with earlier. With the bike being his mode of commute to work and his only means to earn money, Madhav lost his livelihood in the blink of an eye.


In light of this violent outburst in Pune, Mirchi’s RJ Ira decided to reach out to Madhav and help him in any way possible. Ira not only got in touch with him, but also posted an appeal on social media, following which one of her followers, Abhishek Bakshi, initiated a fundraiser to buy Madhav a new bike. In the interim, another follower of Ira, Shehazad Lakhani, came forward and lent his bike to Madhav, so that he could continue working. RJ Ira further amplified this incident on her radio show What’s Up Pune?(7 am to 12 pm) and promoted the fundraiser, inviting her listeners to help bring Madhav back on his feet. With the power of radio, RJ Ira was successful in raising sufficient funds within a short span of only two days. After over 40 donations and multiple shoutouts, RJ Ira and Abhishek were able to reach out to a few dealerships in Pune and purchase a new bike for Madhav.


Overwhelmed with this gesture, Madhav invited RJ Ira to do the puja for his new bike. Moreover, he also requested her to tie him a rakhi as a heartfelt thank you.