Pune: Good Response to State-Level Bride-Groom Gathering of Shimpi Community in Kothrud

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Kothrud, 5th February 2024: The recently concluded bride-groom gathering organized by Akhil Bhartiya Shri Kshatriya Ahir Shimpi Samaj Matrimony in Kothrud witnessed a commendable turnout, garnering positive responses from the community members. The event, a free initiative orchestrated by Ratnakar Bagul in memory of the late Rajni Ramdas Bagul, drew the participation of 200 brides and grooms, along with their parents, totalling 650 attendees.

Commencing with a traditional touch, the program opened with Ganesh Vandan, skillfully performed by Anita Bagul. The ceremonial lighting of the lamp followed, with the honour bestowed upon Vijay Birari, Ratnakar Bagul, and Anita Bagul. Ratnakar Bagul, the organizer, conveyed his sentiments regarding the occasion, emphasizing its significance within the community.

Vijay Birari, former president of Akhil Bhartiya Shri Kshatriya Ahir Shimpi Samaj Matrimony, extended heartfelt congratulations to the couples, contributing to the overall celebratory atmosphere. Bhatu Bagul, Pune District President, graced the event with his presence, further accentuating its prominence.

The event’s formalities were drawn to a close with the “Pasayadana”, skillfully presented by Anita Bagul and Vaishali Ankaikar. Noteworthy was the robust support extended by the Kothrud Shimpi Samaj activists, contributing to the overall success and cohesion of the program.