Pune: Hadapsar Youth Duped Of Rs 17.5 Lakhs With Online Work Bait

Kondhwa police station
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Hadapsar, 28th January 2024: The surge in deceptive social media advertisements has taken a toll as cyber thieves lure individuals into online tasks, with a recent case emerging from Hadapsar. A young man, falling victim to promises of lucrative returns, was cheated of ₹17.5 lakhs by scammers operating in the cyber realm.


The youth has filed a complaint at Kondhwa police station, triggering an investigation into the case against the cyber thieves. The fraudulent scheme began with the scammers sending enticing messages to the complainant’s mobile number, offering substantial earnings for circulating information about restaurants in Pune on social media.


The initial task, completed by the victim, earned him a mere ₹150 online, instilling confidence. The scammers then exploited this trust, convincing the young man to invest in online tasks for higher returns. Over time, they fraudulently siphoned ₹17,70,326 from him, promptly severing contact after each transaction.


Realizing the deceit, the duped youth reported the incident to the police. Police Inspector Bhosle is currently heading the investigation into this cybercrime.