Pune: Investigation Reveals Accused’s Elaborate Escape Plan In Darshana Pawar Murder Case

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Pune, 24th June 2023: The Pune Rural Police has diligently pursued the investigation into the murder of Darshana Pawar, the third-ranked candidate in the MPSC examination in Maharashtra state. 

As details emerged, it became evident that the accused, Rahul Handore, had made concerted efforts to evade the authorities and conceal his whereabouts after the heinous crime. 

Darshana and Handore had known each other since their childhood. His house is located near her maternal uncle’s house. He had proposed to marry her family but had refused. He was also preparing for the MPSC and worked with a food delivery company.

The Accused’s Travels: Pune-Sangli-Goa-Chandigarh-Howrah

According to the police, Rahul Handore went to great lengths not only to escape but also to mislead them. After Darshana’s body was discovered on June 18, Handore promptly left Pune and embarked on a train journey. His first stop was Sangli, followed by a visit to Goa. However, Goa was not his final destination. Handore proceeded to Chandigarh and then made his way to Howrah in West Bengal.

Misleading Tactics Deployed by the Accused

At first glance, Handore’s journey might seem like an adventure, but it was far from that. His intention was to deceive the police. Upon reaching Mumbai from Howrah, he switched off his mobile phone throughout the train journey.

Contacting Family and Friends Multiple Times

During this period, the accused, Rahul Handore, managed to make phone calls by borrowing other passengers’ phones. He contacted his family and friends on five separate occasions. Handore would request passengers he encountered during the journey to help him make a call to his family, seeking assistance. Once the police were informed of his activities by his family, they received crucial information. The fellow passengers then notified Handore about the police involvement and provided him with a phone to contact his family.

Evading Capture and Changing Locations

Not only did Handore manage to escape detection during these interactions, but he also made deliberate efforts to evade police tracking. He relied on the kindness of strangers for food along his journey. His plan was to mislead the authorities, assuming that investigation teams would trace his whereabouts based on his phone calls. However, his strategy failed since he used other people’s phones and promptly changed locations after making contact, preventing the police from apprehending him.

Arrest and Investigation Into Handore’s Possession of Weapons

Finally, the police succeeded in apprehending Rahul Handore after receiving information that he would be arriving at Andheri railway station in Mumbai. He was en route from Andheri to Pune at the time of his arrest.

Meanwhile, the authorities are also investigating whether Handore had carried a cutter or blade during the trek he went on with Darshana Pawar prior to her tragic murder.