Pune: Jarange Patil Warns of Severe Consequences for Those Obstructing Maratha OBC Reservation

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Varad Bhatkhande

Pune, 24th January 2024: In a passionate address delivered at 4:30 am in Wagholi, Pune, activist Manoj Jarange Patil issued a stern warning that nothing, not even divine intervention, will halt the Maratha Reservation movement. The impassioned speech, held in the bitter cold and attended by thousands, underscored the unwavering determination of the Maratha community to secure their rightful place through the OBC reservation.

Jarange Patil began the meeting by paying homage to the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on the dais, emphasizing the historical significance of the Maratha legacy. He asserted, “For 70 years, the Marathas have been denied their rights. Now, reservation is non-negotiable, even if it means facing bullets. Mumbai will witness the strength of the Maratha storm.”

Expressing frustration with the government’s handling of the reservation issue, Jarange Patil accused authorities of neglecting the legitimate demand for OBC reservation for Marathas. He highlighted discrepancies in the allocation of reservations, pointing out that despite ample records, Marathas were being denied their rightful share, while others with fewer records were benefiting.

Jarange Patil also criticized Chhagan Bhujbal, accusing him of attempting to create conflict between OBCs and Marathas. He asserted that Bhujbal is not worthy to speak against the Maratha community.

The Maratha leader declared that only Marathas would dominate the streets of Mumbai, signaling a determined push for their demands. He urged every Maratha to enter Mumbai and make their voices heard, emphasizing that the movement was not just limited to Maharashtra but included Marathas from every state in India.

Highlighting the sacrifices made for the cause, Jarange Patil affirmed his commitment to a peaceful resolution. He declared, “I have put my family aside; now, people are everything for me. The Marathas will secure their rights but through peaceful means.”

Despite the biting cold, citizens eagerly awaited Jarange Patil’s arrival, demonstrating their unwavering support by braving the weather conditions and shouting slogans upon his appearance. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm, reflecting the collective determination of the Maratha community in their quest for reservation.

In a stern warning to the government, Jarange Patil has declared that if any disruption occurs during the ongoing agitation in Mumbai, the Maratha community will take to the streets of both Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra.

Jarange Patil addressed concerns about attempts to obstruct Marathas from receiving reservation under the Other Backward Classes (OBC) category. He asserted, “I have removed the obstacles preventing Marathas from obtaining OBC reservation. Marathas will secure reservation only through OBC, and anyone hindering this process will not be spared. They may face severe consequences, even risking their lives.”

Expressing unwavering determination, Jarange Patil emphasized that the demand for reservation is non-negotiable. He urged fellow protesters to maintain peaceful demonstrations. During the march, Jarange Patil engaged with participants at Vadgaonsheri, encouraging them to continue the peaceful protest.

The march for Maratha reservation, led by Manoj Jarange Patil, commenced from Wagholi at 9:30 in the morning. Residents from Kharadi, Chandannagar, Vadgaon Sheri, Lohgaon, and Viman Nagar areas joined the procession, demonstrating substantial support.

The entire Pune-Ahmednagar road, spanning from Wagholi to Yerwada, experienced significant congestion with thousands of vehicles and supporters accompanying Jarange Patil. Welcoming committees were established along the route, adorning the path with rangoli, flags, firecrackers, flower garlands, and DJ music.

Departing from Kharadi at 9:30 AM, the march covered three kilometers to reach Chandan Nagar in four hours. By 4 pm, the procession arrived in the Ramwadi area of Vadgaon Sheri and reached Yerwada by 5 pm.

The procession will pass through Sangamwadi Road, Sancheti Hospital Chowk and University Road to enter Pimpri Chinchwad from Rajiv Gandhi bridge, Aundh.