Pune: Jarange Patil’s Maratha Reservation March Advances Towards Pune City, Marking Fifth Day

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Wagholi, 24th January 2024: Manoj Jarange Patil’s relentless march for Maratha reservation entered its fifth day as he continued his journey from Wagholi to Mumbai via Pune City and Pimpri Chinchwad. The determined march has gained momentum, drawing attention to the demand for Maratha community reservation.

The march, spearheaded by Jarange Patil, embarked on its latest leg from Wagholi in Pune. Having covered significant ground since its initiation, the procession is making its way through the main roads of Pune city en route to Mumbai. (UPDATE: Till 1 pm, Morcha was in Chandan Nagar area)

Despite facing challenges and obstacles, including a temporary halt last night in Wagholi, Jarange Patil’s commitment to the cause remains unwavering. The march serves as a symbolic representation of the ongoing struggle for Maratha community rights, advocating for their inclusion in the reservation category.

As the march progresses, it signifies the collective determination of those advocating for Maratha reservation, echoing their demand for equal representation and opportunities. Jarange Patil’s leadership continues to inspire supporters, drawing attention to the pressing need for affirmative action for the Maratha community.

Traffic changes in Pune city:

traffic changes in Pune

Traffic changes in Pimpri Chinchwad:

Maratha Morcha in Pimpri Chinchwad