Pune: Kondhwa Area Faces Electricity Crisis, Water Supply Affected

Pune: Kondhwa Area Faces Electricity Crisis, Water Supply Affected  
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Batul Hakim

Pune, 22nd August 2022: The Kondhwa and Shivneri Nagar areas of Pune have been facing a disastrous power crisis for the last four days due to an electrical power failure.


The electricity supply department has failed to resolve the issue, due to which the residents of Shivneri Nagar have been facing inconveniences. Water supply in the area has also been affected due to lack of electricity, leaving the residents and shop owners without water supply.

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Youth leader and activist Mohammad Saif, a resident of Kondhwa for the past 15 years, tweeted regarding this issue, “Today is the fourth day and will be the fifth night of blackout in Shivneri Nagar of Kondhwa. It is a failure of the electricity supply department who have not resolved the issue yet.”


Imran Mujawar, a resident, said, “I have a patient who needed a ventilator in my house. I had to extend a wire through four buildings to get electricity in my house to save the patient’s life. There is no light here for the past four days, and we are getting no proper response from the MSEDCL too.’’

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Another resident of Shivneri Nagar, Minaaz Pathaan, said, ‘’There is no proper electricity supply in our area for the past two months. Our area is neglected by the authorities, and a lot of accidents take place here as our roads are filled with potholes in them too.’’



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