Pune: Lok Sabha Polls to Feature Voting in 150 Housing Societies Across Maharashtra

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Pune, 24th January 2024: In a move to streamline the electoral process and boost voter turnout in urban areas, the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra will witness voting taking place in approximately 150 housing societies. Pune District Collector, Dr. Rajesh Deshmukh, announced this progressive initiative, emphasizing its potential to alleviate long queues and enhance convenience for residents.

Scheduled to commence in February-March, the Lok Sabha elections are set to be a battleground between the BJP-led NDA and the Congress-led INDI alliance. Recognizing the significance of urban areas in shaping electoral outcomes, the Election Commission has directed the implementation of this unique approach, particularly in major cities.

This pioneering decision aims to make voting more accessible for residents, eliminating the need for lengthy queues at traditional polling stations. Instead, voters residing in housing societies will cast their votes within their community, streamlining the process and encouraging higher participation.

The impact of this directive will be particularly felt in densely populated urban districts like Mumbai, Mumbai suburbs, Pune, Raigad, and Thane, where a substantial number of housing societies are located. In Pune alone, 36 housing societies have been identified for this innovative voting procedure.

Local district administrations are gearing up to implement this directive, aligning their plans with the guidelines provided by the Election Commission. This move is anticipated to not only enhance the efficiency of the electoral process but also contribute to a more inclusive and accessible democratic experience for residents in urban areas.