Pune: Maharashtra State Health Department Renews Ruby Hall Clinic’s Kidney Transplant License, Grants New Permissions For Liver And Heart Transplants

Ruby Hall Parvez Grant
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Pune, 23rd September 2023: The State Health Department renewed the Kidney Transplant License of Ruby Hall Clinic on Thursday, 21st September 2023. The clinic was also granted new permissions for Liver and Heart Transplant surgeries. Ali Daruwala, Advisor at Ruby Hall Clinic, announced the news today through a press release.

A team of 22 officials from the State Health Ministry conducted a routine inspection at Ruby Hall Clinic, which is run by trusts. The officials reviewed all permissions and documents related to the clinic’s day-to-day operations. All documents were found to be well-maintained and in compliance with government rules and regulations.

During the visit, the State Health Department renewed the clinic’s kidney transplant license. Dr. Wadikar handed over the renewed license to Dr. Parvez Grant. Additionally, new permissions for Heart and Liver transplant surgeries were also granted to Ruby Hall Clinic. 

Dr. Grant and Ali Daruwala met with Tanaji Sawant, the Health Minister for the Government of Maharashtra, and thanked him for his ongoing support in Ruby Hall’s journey to become one of the top hospitals in India.