Pune: Man Attempts Suicide At Police Chowky After Wife Refuses To Live With Him

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Chandannagar, 3rd May 2024: A young man attempted to end his life by pouring petrol on himself at a police post in the Chandannagar area of Pune. The incident unfolded as a result of a heated dispute with his wife, who refused to accompany him from her mother’s place.

The 26-year-old man, a resident of Domkhel Road, Wagholi, found himself in a fit of anger when his wife declined to accompany him to his house. Subsequently, a case of attempted suicide was registered against the man at the Chandannagar police station, following a complaint filed by police constable Mukesh Panpatil (31).

The dispute between the man and his wife escalated when she decided not to return home from her mother’s place. In an attempt to confront the situation, he proceeded to his in-laws’ house, where he attempted to contact his wife on her mobile phone. However, his efforts were met with disappointment as he learned that his wife was at the Mahatma Phule police chowky, under the jurisdiction of Chandannagar police station.

Driven by frustration and anger, he proceeded to the police chowky, carrying a bottle of petrol that he had filled from his bike along the way. Upon his arrival at the police chowky, he lodged a complaint against his mother-in-law and father-in-law, expressing his discontent with his wife’s absence.

Enraged by his wife’s refusal to accompany him, he resorted to pouring petrol on himself in a desperate act of protest. Quick intervention by the police personnel prevented the situation from escalating further, averting a potential tragedy. Police Sub-Inspector Palve has been assigned to investigate the incident and ascertain the circumstances leading to the man’s drastic actions.