Pune: MNS Accuses PMC Commissioner of Inaction and Democratic Negligence, Urges Immediate Transfer

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Pune, 27th December 2023: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) party has called for the urgent removal of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Commissioner Vikram Kumar, citing alleged neglect of public issues and a failure to address critical city matters. The demand for his transfer comes amidst growing discontent among citizens who feel that the democratic process has suffered during Kumar’s tenure.

Key Issues Raised by MNS:

1) Public Hearing Neglect: During Vikram Kumar’s term as PMC Commissioner, the MNS alleges that democratic engagement, particularly through public hearings, has been severely lacking. Common people have been left without the opportunity to voice their concerns, leading to dissatisfaction among the citizens.
2) City Problems Unresolved: Despite being entrusted with addressing the challenges faced by the city, the MNS claims that Commissioner Vikram Kumar has not effectively solved the lingering issues, leaving citizens without proper resolutions to their problems.
3) Demand for Immediate Transfer: Expressing their dissatisfaction, MNS General Secretary Hemant Sambhus has formally requested Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde to promptly transfer Commissioner Vikram Kumar, who has completed his tenure.

Hemant Sambhus, the MNS General Secretary, has submitted a letter to Chief Minister Shinde outlining the accusations against Commissioner Kumar. The letter highlights concerns about the alleged hindrance of councillors’ work and the lack of attention to public issues during the absence of elected representatives.

City-Specific Concerns:

1) Infrastructure Decisions Under Scrutiny: The removal of the BRT line on city roads overnight, reportedly succumbing to political pressure and incurring a cost of Rs 30 crores, is among the issues raised. MNS criticizes this decision as a waste of public funds.

2) Slow Progress on the ‘JICA’ Project: Despite the initiation of the ‘JICA’ project aimed at preventing river pollution, the PMC, under Commissioner Vikram Kumar, is accused of failing to expedite the project’s progress.
3) Parking Policy and Cycle Track Ignored: Critical policies, such as the city’s parking policy, deemed vital for urban planning, have allegedly been neglected during Kumar’s administration. Additionally, the cycle track initiative has been ignored, exacerbating concerns about urban mobility.

In the wake of these allegations, MNS General Secretary Hemant Sambhus has appealed to Maharashtra Chief Minister Shinde to replace Commissioner Kumar with officers who prioritize the needs and concerns of the people, fostering a more citizen-centric approach in municipal administration.

Kumar is an IAS officer of 2004 batch. He took charge of the PMC in July 2020.