Pune: MSEDCL Appeals To Be Vigilant Against Power Outages During Monsoons

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Pune, 13th June 2022: Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) has appealed to the citizens to be aware of public and domestic electrical appliances and appliances as there is a possibility of power outages due to torrential rains, flood conditions, broken power lines due to falling trees and branches, electrical equipment or short circuits in the system.


Meanwhile, the power supply has been cut off as a precautionary measure as there is a risk of adverse conditions at any time due to floods or heavy rains. Citizens are urged to cooperate in such situations.


Electrical accidents are likely to be caused by broken electrical wires, power poles, roadside feeder pillars, fuse boxes as well as damp electrical appliances, switchboards of agricultural pumps, other damp objects near the electrical system, materials, etc.


Since water is a conductor of electricity, electrical equipment needs to be protected from water during monsoons. Therefore, it is very important to be careful and cautious to prevent electrical accidents. Heavy rains and strong winds cause trees and branches to fall on power lines. In this, the power poles bend. The power lines break and keep hanging. Sometimes there is a chance of a current flow in those hanging wires. MSEDCL appeals to not attempt to touch or remove these power lines.


MSEDCL appeals to citizens to take precautions in the upcoming monsoon season. Care should be taken to ensure that the switchboard or various electrical appliances in the house do not come in contact with moisture during the rainy season. Make sure that the power supply in the house is earthed properly. Aluminum alloy, a special metal wire, should be used instead of copper as the fuse wire. Therefore, in case of any breakdown, the power supply is immediately cut off and the potential danger is averted.


Apart from this, Television dishes or antennas on the house or building should be kept away from power lines. Do not turn the electric iron on wet clothes. Care should be taken to ensure that no electrical switchboard or any appliance is exposed to water. Always turn off all electrical appliances from the switchboard. Citizens, especially those living in tin houses, should be vigilant in the rainy season and take measures to stay safe from electricity. Animals should not be tied to electricity poles in rural areas. A bike should not be parked close to an electric pole. Do not dry clothes on the power lines. Keep a safe distance from feeder pillars or other electrical appliances in public places. Don’t try to get close to the electric system. Garbage should not be dumped there.


MSEDCL also informed that 1912 or 1800-102-3435 or 1800-233-3435 toll-free numbers of MSEDCL Central Customer Service Centers are available 24 hours for electricity consumers in urban and rural areas. Complaints are also accepted through the mobile app, on the website www.mahadiscom.in Complaints will be lodged by making a missed call to MSEDCL on 022-41078500 from a mobile number registered with MSEDCL or sending NOPOWER <space> <Consumer Number> from the mobile number to mobile number 9930399303 provided by MSEDCL.