Pune: MSEDCL Inefficiency Leaves Porwal Road In Darkness For Over 30 Hours

Powercut In Porwal Road Pune
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Sumit Singh 

Lohegaon, 27th June 2023: Porwal Road and its surrounding areas in Lohegaon, Pune, have been plunged into darkness for a grueling 30-hour power outage, wreaking havoc on both office work and personal lives of the affected residents. To exacerbate matters, heavy rainfall has led to a surge in mosquito activity in the city. Frustrated citizens are accusing the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) of spreading false commitments and failing to address the crisis promptly.

According to reports, MSEDCL officials have been making misleading statements since early morning yesterday, assuring residents that power would be restored within one or two hours. MSEDCL’s Pune public relations officer Nishikant Raut’s initial statement at around 9 am yesterday claimed that electricity would be back within two hours. However, as the day progressed, it became apparent that the situation was far from resolved. By evening, Raut stated that only a few societies were still facing issues, with power restored in most areas. Later in the night, around 8 pm, he declared that electricity would be restored within half an hour. Yet, as the clock struck 9:30 am next day morning, several societies like Tranquil Park on Porwal Road and nearby regions were still in darkness.

The affected residents are expressing their frustration, as this prolonged power outage has not only disrupted their daily lives but has also had a detrimental impact on their mental well-being. Families with children are particularly distressed, as the absence of electricity has resulted in sleepless nights due to mosquito infestation.

The consequences of the power outage have extended beyond personal inconveniences, as essential household items are now at risk. Madhuri Patel, an IT professional, relies on her electric vehicle for commuting, but due to the power outage, her vehicle remains uncharged. Moreover, perishable items such as food, vegetables, and fruits are wasting away in refrigerators, rendering them unusable.

The gravity of the situation has forced residents to resort to purchasing drinking water, as their water filters remain inoperable due to the power cut. Many citizens are now contemplating filing a police complaint against MSEDCL, holding them accountable for the prolonged and disruptive power outage.

According to an official from the Vishrantwadi Division of MSEDCL, I am currently at the location where the issue has occurred. Only a few societies have been affected, and we have identified the problem with the transformer. We estimate that the repairs will be completed within the next two hours. Our team has been working diligently since yesterday to resolve the situation.

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