Pune: Nature Lovers Remove Two Truck Loads Of Plastic Waste From Mula-Mutha River At Kawadipat

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Pune, 26th September 2021: Clean Kawadipat campaign second consecutive week’s effort saw lesser numbers turning due to competitive exam day. The result nevertheless was amazing like always.

Two truck full of plastic waste and huge cache of liquor bottles recovered from the river. Out of those present, there were tree man Sathya and Bee man Devendra Jani.

There were talks on birds, bees and the trees. An informative session post action was a major take away of the day.

Wg Cdr Puneet Sharma (veteran), founder of Swachh Pune Swachh Bharat, urged all birds and nature lovers to join this noble cause at Kawadipat, off Pune-Solapur Highway, which is know for attracting migratory birds.


On 3rd October 2021 the group intends to make this campaign even bigger and better. All the groups associated with this campaign, APCCI, WORK for Passion, Yug Foundation, Pune Feed The Need, Bee the Lead and Cycling Awareness Pune have already pledged their continued support to the cause of Swachh Kawadipat.