Pune: No Significant Rise in Pavana Dam Water Levels Despite Recent Rainfall

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Pune, June 25, 2023 – The Pavana Dam, witnessed a period of moderate rainfall over the past 24 hours, resulting in an accumulated precipitation of 38 millimeters. Since the monsoon season began on June 1st, the total rainfall at the dam has reached 67 millimeters. Despite these recent showers, the water level at the dam has shown no significant fluctuations.


Currently, the water level at the Pavana Dam stands at 17.90%, slightly lower than the water level recorded on the same date last year, which was at 19.29%. Although the recent rainfall has contributed to the overall water reserves, it has not caused a noticeable rise in the dam’s water level over the past 24 hours or since the commencement of the monsoon season.


Authorities are closely monitoring the situation and evaluating the impact of the rainfall on the region’s water resources. The stable water level at Pavana Dam emphasizes the necessity for continued precipitation in the coming days to ensure an adequate water supply for the region. Local residents and farmers are eagerly anticipating a more substantial increase in rainfall to address concerns regarding water availability for irrigation and other essential purposes.


According to meteorological experts, scattered showers and intermittent rainfall are anticipated throughout the upcoming week, raising hopes for an increase in water levels at Pavana Dam. Regular updates will be provided to keep the public informed about any significant developments regarding the dam’s water level and the subsequent implications for the region.