Pune: One Dies On The Spot In Accident Near Neera

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Purandar, 10th March 2023: A man from Padegaon has died in an accident involving a container and a motorcycle on the Neera river bridge at Purandar. He died on the spot as the motorcycle came under the wheel of the container. The name of the deceased is Ashok Raghunath Bhosale (65).

According to the information provided by the eyewitnesses, Ashok Raghunath Bhosale, a resident of the Ambedkar Society in Padegaon, was coming to Neera. At that time, a container was coming from Lonand. While the container was overtaking the motorcycle, it hit the motorcycle. As a result, Bhosale’s motorcycle and his head got under the wheel of the container, and he died on the spot. Lonand police have taken the body into custody and it has been sent to Lonand for further investigation.

Though the Neera river passes near Neera city, most of this river falls in the Satara district. In case of an accident on this bridge, there are always disputes between the police over the boundary. Even today, a dispute between Lonand Police and Neera Police was seen. So the body was on the road for an hour resulting in a traffic jam.