Pune: Over 100 Passengers Suffered From Food Poisoning Onboard Bharat Gaurav Express, All Stable Now

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 29th November 2023: In a concerning incident aboard the Bharat Gaurav Express (Train number 06911), a health emergency unfolded as approximately 80 passengers reported symptoms of vomiting, loose motions, and stomach ache. The incident occurred on the journey from Chennai (MAS) to Palitana (PLT) on the 19 LHB composition train.

According to railway officials, the passengers had taken food through their private contractor. The food items were not supplied by railway staff or IRCTC staff.

Timeline of Events:

Scheduled Arrival and Departure at Pune: The train was scheduled to arrive at Pune at 23.00/23.10 hrs on November 28th, with a departure on the same day.

Actual Arrival: However, the train’s actual arrival was delayed, occurring at 23.37 hrs on November 28th, and the departure was further delayed to 00.29 hrs on November 29th.

Emergency Message Received: At 22.30 hrs, a distressing message was received, revealing that around 80 passengers were experiencing symptoms of food poisoning, including vomiting, loose motions, and stomach ache.


Immediate Actions Taken:

Communication with Authorities: The message was promptly communicated to the relevant authorities, including officers and the deputy station superintendent commercial. Additionally, the Train Manager (Guard of the train) was contacted for information.

Medical Assistance Requested: The Train Manager reported that while no one was in serious condition, medical assistance was needed upon arrival at Pune.

Medical Response at Pune:

Railway Hospital: A team of medical professionals, including CMS (Chief Medical Superintendent) and SRDMO (Senior Divisional Medical Officer), totaling 15 staff, attended to the patients.

Ruby Hall – Private Hospital: Another 13 staff members from Ruby Hall, a private hospital, joined the efforts to provide medical assistance.

Other Departments and NGOs: Various other departments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) contributed to the emergency response, with a total of approximately 99 patients attended to for symptoms of stomachache, vomiting, and dizziness.

Further Investigation:

Authorities have been alerted to check the condition of the patients at Kalyan (KYN).

The entire medical response in Pune was efficiently managed by CMS Dr. Sajeev.