Pune: Over 100 Trees Cut Along Pune-Mumbai Expressway

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Pune, 29th July 2022: Along the Pune-Mumbai expressway, it has been revealed that hundreds of trees have been slaughtered within the limits of Urse village for a distance of about 1.5 kilometres. Villagers said that this slaughter was done by 25 unknown people at night. It has come to light that the government system is completely ignorant even when such a large number of trees have been cut down.


On the way from Mumbai to Pune, hundreds of large trees have been cut down from the land bordering the expressway within the limits of Urse village. This was going on for some days. Trees have been chopped down with the help of machines and cutters at night. It is clearly seen that the trees have been cut down to a distance of about 1.5 kilometres.


Villagers who regularly use this place for traffic noticed this matter. They informed the environmentalists about this. When the environmentalists visited the site, they noticed that hundreds of trees were illegally cut down and there was a lot of damage to nature.


Environmentalists have demanded that action should be taken against those who kill trees, a high-level inquiry should be conducted and the apathy of the government system should be taken into account.