Pune: PCDAO Conducts One Day Workshop On Rajbhasha Hindi

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Pune, 2nd July 2021: The Office of Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Officers) Pune has conducted a One Day Workshop on Rajbhasha (Hindi) today under the guidance and supervision of Dr Rajeev  Chavan, Pr. Controller.  Mital S Hiremath, Jt. CDA was the Chief Guest of the workshop and presided over the function.

In this workshop, 20 members of the Office were enlightened in detail about the journey of the historical legacy development of Rajbhasha (Hindi).

In strict pursuance and compliance to the instructions of Govt. of India, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Rajbhasha, New Delhi, it is mandatory to hold a quarterly Workshop by all Central Govt. offices. However, the Office of PCDA (Officers) Pune is adhering strictly to the guidelines, despite the dreadful situation developed due to the pandemic of COVID-19. The workshop was inaugurated by Lehana Singh, Dy. CDA.

Jt. CDA Mital Hiremath while addressing the gathering highlighted that Rajbhasha is an authorized language to accomplish administrative services. Thus, to work in Hindi is our Constitutional responsibility. Besides, she also insisted to use only simple, easy to understand and familiar words while using Rajbhasha.

Dr Anil Kudia, Assistant Director (Official Language) successfully conducted the workshop in two sessions.  He imparted participants with detailed discourse about the journey of the development of Hindi and its relevance on the International platform and its progress right from attaining Independence by the country till 1965.

During the discourse participants also raised numerous queries about the application of Rajbhasha in Office work which were addressed with great expertise by Dr Kudia. The enthusiasm of participants during both the sessions of the Workshop was remarkable and palpable also.

At the closing of the workshop, Lehana Singh, Dy. CDA addressed the gathering.  Shri Rajesh Kalia, Sr. AO, Shri P. P. Pathak, AO, Smt. Shobha Kashyap, Sr. Hindi Translator Officer, Shri Birendra Sah, Junior Translator Officer of Rajbhasha Section, Shri Kailash Kumar Singh, AAO and Shri Neeraj Nidhi made a special contribution to the successful organization of the workshop.

The Workshop was conducted duly observing the COVID-19 appropriate behaviour as per parameters of ICMR/WHO for prevention of COVID-19 pandemic, wherein social distancing of more than two metres, wearing of Double mask, i.e. N-95 and three-layer Surgical Masks, was followed and abided in word and spirit.