Pune: PCMC Increases Penalty Charges For Those Dirtying The City

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Pimpri, 3rd June 2022: The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has taken strict steps to keep Pimpri-Chinchwad city clean and beautiful. Previous penalties for littering in public places, burning of garbage, open defecation, littering of roads or public places, dumping of biomedical solid waste in public places, etc. have been significantly increased.

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At present, a fine of Rs 180 is levied for dumping garbage everywhere. The amount of the fine has now been increased according to the public, residential and commercial places. The corporation also classified the types of waste and charged the fine accordingly. The fine will be increased if the person were caught repeatedly. The amount of the fine is as follows,


Not keeping dustbins at commercial place – Rs 500
Urinating in open place – Rs 500
Spitting in public – Rs 500
Open defecation – Rs 1,000
Unclean vacant plots – Rs 2,000
Debris dumping in public places – Rs 3,000
Mixing Biomedical waste and general waste and
throwing garbage in public places – Rs 35,000
Garbage disposal by truck, tempo – Rs 50,000