Pune: PCMC Initiates Property Survey Campaign, Appeals for Citizen Cooperation

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Pimpri, 31st December 2023: In a tax dialogue hosted by the Taxation and Collection Department of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC), citizens engaged in direct communication with officials.

The dialogue, held on Saturday, December 30, addressed queries related to property tax exemptions, the ‘Property Survey Abhiyan,’ and the ‘UPIC ID’ (Unique Property Identification Code). Assistant Commissioner Nilesh Deshmukh provided information and clarified doubts during the session.

The tax dialogue aimed to facilitate immediate issue resolution for citizens by addressing their questions directly. The department highlighted that over Rs 660 crores of taxes were collected by the end of the third quarter, with approximately Rs 400 crores paid online by citizens. The municipal corporation, which encompasses 18 zones, has initiated property survey work in 11 zones. The survey includes assigning unique property numbers (UPIC ID) to properties using a sophisticated mapping system.

During the property survey campaign, each property is assigned a UPIC ID, analogous to the Aadhaar number for citizens. This identification code streamlines property-related information, making it easily accessible to citizens with a single click.

The upcoming ‘Property Locker’ feature, akin to the central government’s ‘Digi Locker,’ was also introduced. This service enables citizens to securely store essential property-related documents through their UPIC ID, providing a convenient platform for reviewing property details. Citizens have control over the digital privacy of their documents, with the option to make them public or keep them private.

The Taxation and Tax Collection Department emphasized the importance of citizens avoiding late fees by promptly paying overdue property taxes. Property confiscation notices are being issued, along with a 2 per cent late fee on overdue amounts for defaulters. The department urged citizens to settle their property tax arrears to avoid confiscation and accumulating late fees.

Assistant Commissioner Deshmukh appealed to citizens for cooperation with the ongoing property survey, emphasizing its benefits in asset tracking and eliminating tax disparities. He expressed gratitude for the support received from citizens and encouraged continued cooperation by providing property information