Pune: PCMC’s Closed Library in Chinchwad Becomes Hub for Illegal Activities

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Varad Bhatkhande

Chinchwad, 5th April 2024: The closed library of Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) in Chinchwad, Krishna Nagar, has transformed into a breeding ground for unruly behaviour, as recent events have unveiled.

On Thursday (4th April), a citizen’s attempt to address the disruptive activities of children within the premises resulted in a harrowing encounter. Following a confrontation, wherein the citizen voiced concerns over the disturbances caused by the children, a gang associated with the unruly behaviour purportedly resorted to threats of violence, warning the citizen of dire consequences.

Akash Anand Pawar (32), a resident of Chinchwad, filed a complaint at the Chikhali Police Station. A case has been registered against Yogesh Pawar, Aniket Shinde, and Dhotre.

Police said that the newspaper library of PCMC in Krishna Nagar stands shuttered, paving the way for miscreants to indulge in illicit activities, including substance abuse, and instigating chaos within the vicinity. When the complainant intervened to address the disruptive behaviour, the situation escalated as the implicated individuals purportedly retaliated by intruding upon the complainant’s residence, unleashing verbal abuse, and issuing threats of physical harm.

Chikhali Police are investigating this matter further.