Pune: PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar Unveils Bold Initiative For Boosting Women’s Entrepreneurship

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Pune, 19th January 2024: Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship among women as a means of empowerment for both women and their families, according to PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar. He emphasized the commitment to increasing opportunities for women entrepreneurs by offering training classes and financial assistance based on demand.

The commitment to women’s empowerment was highlighted during a three-day food festival organized by PMC at PL Deshpande Park (Pune-Okayama Friendship Garden) on Sinhagad Road. Commissioner Vikram Kumar inaugurated the event, which is set to conclude on Sunday, January 21. The event saw the presence of Additional Commissioner Dr. Kunal Khemnar, Deputy Commissioner Nitin Udas, Asha Raut, Assistant Commissioner Sandeep Khalate, Park Superintendent Ashok Ghorpade, and Social Development Officer RR Chavan.

Commissioner Vikram Kumar underlined the various activities and initiatives undertaken by the social development department of PMC to support women, including backing self-help groups and promoting the establishment of new savings groups to create employment opportunities for women.

PMC consistently organizes exhibitions and festivals, numbering between 15 to 20 per year, to offer financial support to self-help groups. Funds dedicated to women’s empowerment are available, aiming to stimulate business growth. PMC has compiled a booklet detailing the schemes implemented for women, disabled individuals, youth, and backward classes.

Vikram Kumar stressed that PMC’s role extends beyond providing training for traditional businesses, offering technical knowledge in areas like car driving, mobile repairing, and fashion designing. The focus is not just on selling goods and food but also on empowering women through relevant business training and market support based on demand.

Dr Khemnar added that the Social Development Department of PMC has implemented 22 schemes, consistently working towards the economic upliftment of women. He urged women to take advantage of schemes like Pradhan Mantri Svanidhi Yojana and Lakhpati Didi scheme, which aim to support business growth and financial independence for women.