Pune: PMC Plans To Get Rs 25,000 Bond from Home Quarantine Patients

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Pune, 8th April 2021: Pune Municipal corporation (PMC) is now planning to implement the Amravati pattern to prevent people from coming out, who are home quarantined. In this, a bond worth Rs 25,000 will be signed by the patient who chooses to stay in home quarantine and if they are caught outside during this period, Rs 25,000 penalty will be collected from them.

According to PMC, people who are home quarantined are seen wandering in public places. This caused the virus to spread among other people in the city. Many medical experts suggested that government must keep a watch on these people, as they are hidden super-spreaders of the virus. Therefore, The PMC is planning to implement the Amravati pattern to prevent people from coming outside.

As of now around there are 45,000 active cases in the city. Out of this, more than 38,000 people are under home quarantine and nearly 6000 people are getting treatment at various hospitals and Covid care centres. The government has declared guidelines for home quarantine. But many people are not following the guidelines properly and going outside freely. This has caused the rapid spread of Coronavirus, PMC officials said.

After signing a bond for home quarantine, the information will be given to the society chairman, secretary, and neighbours of the concerned person and they will be directed to keep watch on the patient in the home quarantine. The officials will secretly visit the house and if a person found missing, they will have to pay the fine.

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