Pune: 144 Police Officers, Constables Undergoing Covid-19 Treatment

Amitabh Gupta
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Pune, 8th April 2021: Maharashtra is recording another peak in daily Covid-19 cases and the infection is also increasingly spreading among the police force who are among the frontline workers. Currently, nearly 144 police officials are infected with the virus and are undergoing treatment. Earlier, 3 to 4 officials were found positive on daily basis. Recently this number has surged to 15 officials.

At the beginning of March, the spread of Covid-19 increased rapidly. Many officials from the Pune City Police also got affected by the virus. As of now, 1700 police officials were impacted by the virus and 12 officials died due to it. Though many have recovered from the infection. The senior officials from the department have instructed them to take necessary precautions. All weekly meetings were canceled and bed reservations were made in the hospitals for the police officials. A wellness officer is also appointed at every police station who guides the officials to take necessary precautions to curb the infection.

Speaking about vaccination among police officials, Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta said, “The vaccination drive has been started for police officials and their family members. As of now, 95 percent of vaccination is completed out of this, 85 percent of officials have taken the first dose of vaccine, while 10 percent of officials have taken the two doses. The remaining 5 percent of officials couldn’t take the vaccine because of various reasons.”

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