Pune: PMC Seeks Rs 90 Crore from Central Government for City’s Solid Waste Management Plan

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Pune, 15th January 2024: In a bid to bolster its waste management efforts under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has formally requested Rs 90 crore from the Central Government for the implementation of the ‘City Solid Waste Action Plan.’ The plan, outlined by Additional Commissioner Dr Kunal Khemnar, aims to enhance waste management practices, including biomining.

Dr. Khemnar highlighted the importance of waste management and revealed that at least 5 percent of processed water recycling would be integrated into the action plan. Pune city has recently been ranked ninth in the Clean Survey conducted by the Central Government, a notable improvement from the seventh position last year. Dr. Khemnar expressed optimism about further improvements in the coming years, emphasizing the annual adjustments made to the survey criteria.

Pune received a five-star rating in the recent survey, and future efforts will focus on waste processing and increasing the reuse of sewage for a potential Seven Star Ranking. The ongoing municipal project aligns with these goals, with completion paving the way for a higher ranking.

The municipality acknowledges the need for additional funds to address gaps in waste disposal, particularly in managing bio-garbage generated within the city. A new project is set to commence at Gujar-Nimbalkarwadi to handle construction waste disposal, given the surge in construction activities in Pune.

To streamline waste collection processes, the municipality plans to deploy three additional trains to the feeder points. Recognizing the importance of timely garbage collection, the tender process for acquiring these trains is imminent. Additionally, the municipality will procure four-wheeler vehicles and walkie-talkie sets for employees involved in patrols and awareness campaigns, as shared by Dr Khemnar.