Pune Police Arrest Seller of Banned Nylon Manja Ahead of New Year and Sankranti Festivities

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Dhankawadi, 28th December 2023: The officials from Sahakarnagar police have arrested a seller of banned nylon manja in Dhankawadi, Pune, ahead of the New Year and Sankranti festivities. The arrested individual, identified as 19-year-old Vedant Rakesh Gadve from Shankar Maharaj Colony, Dhankawadi, was found in possession of nylon manja worth Rs 4,400.

The city of Pune witnesses a vibrant celebration during the arrival of the New Year and the Sankranti festival, marked by the widespread tradition of flying kites. However, the use of dangerous nylon manja poses a significant threat to public safety. The nylon manja has caused severe injuries to pedestrians, resulting in unfortunate incidents, including loss of lives. Moreover, birds often fall victim to the nylon manja, leading to harm and fatalities.

Despite being banned by the Supreme Court, the illegal sale of nylon manja persists, posing a challenge for law enforcement. On Wednesday, officers and police constables from Sahakarnagar police station were patrolling the area when Constable Amol Pawar received information about an individual selling bundles of banned nylon manja in Dhankawadi, near Cafe Peter Hotel, behind Panchvati Building on Satara Road, Pune.

Acting on the tip-off, Sahakarnagar police set up a trap and successfully detained Gadve. A search revealed that he was in possession of nylon manja worth Rs 4,400.

An FIR has been registered against the accused for offences under sections 188 and 336 of the Indian Penal Code and relevant sections of the Environment Protection Act.

The investigation team included Senior Police Inspector Surendra Malale, Police Inspector (Crime) Sandeep Deshmane, PSI Rahul Khandale, ASI Bapu Khutwad, and police personnel Amol Pawar, Mahesh Mandalik, Vishal Wagh, Bhujang Ingale, Nilesh Shivtare, Sushant Farande, Sagar Sutkar, Bajrang Pawar, Navnath Shinde and Sagar Kumbhar.