Pune Police Fails To Silence The Noise, Kalyani Nagar Residents Demand Accountability

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Kalyani Nagar, 4th June 2023: Residents of Kalyani Nagar and Wadgaonsheri in Pune have been grappling with the issue of noise pollution caused by several restaurants and nightclubs in the area. Despite multiple complaints and promises of action from the police, the problem has persisted, causing distress to residents, including those with serious medical conditions.


The situation took a frustrating turn when the residents received a message from Ravindra Alekar, Assistant Police Inspector of Yerwada Police Station, asking them to visit the Ramwadi Police Chowky within two days. The message stated that if they failed to do so, the complaints against noise pollution would be closed. Concerned about the seriousness of the issue, the residents, including those with health issues, made their way to the police chowky on Saturday morning and again on Sunday, only to discover that the police officer was on leave and that no one was present at the Ramwadi Police Chowky on both days.

To add to the residents’ frustration, no concrete action has been taken by the police to address the noise pollution problem. Instead, there appears to be a greater focus on closing the complaints as quickly as possible. The lack of responsiveness from the authorities has left the residents feeling ignored and their grievances unresolved.

Pune Police Fails To Silence The Noise, Kalyani Nagar Residents Demand Accountability

The residents of Kalyani Nagar and Wadgaonsheri have been enduring the adverse effects of noise pollution caused by establishments such as Elrow Club, Unicorn House, Elephant & Co, Happa, Pergola, Cobbler, and Crew.

In an effort to combat this issue, the Voice Against Noise campaign was conducted by Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar (TSKN) and the Koregaon Park Residents Welfare Association (KPRA) on 19th March. The campaign aimed to raise awareness and put an end to noise pollution in the area, as it infringes upon an individual’s right to a peaceful environment and a good night’s sleep, which is protected under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.

The persistent noise pollution from these nightclubs has not only affected senior citizens and children but has also had a broader impact on the residents’ overall health. Numerous health issues such as sleep disorders, headaches, anxiety, and high blood pressure have been reported. Despite the residents’ pleas for action, the authorities have remained silent, leaving them feeling helpless and unheard.

Complaints have been repeatedly lodged on social media platforms like Twitter, where the police have promised action but have failed to deliver. Noise pollution is not confined to Kalyani Nagar alone but is a problem in other areas of Pune as well. In response, Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar, Wadgaon Sheri, and the Koregaon Park Resident Association have joined forces to put an end to this nuisance caused by nightclubs. In addition to noise pollution, these establishments also contribute to traffic congestion as their customers park their vehicles haphazardly on the roadside. The crowd leaving these venues often causes traffic jams, plays loud music in their cars, and engages in public drinking, attracting anti-social elements. Moreover, the pubs operate until 5 AM, exacerbating the disturbance caused to the residents.

Despite promises of soundproofing from the nightclubs, no significant measures have been taken to mitigate the noise pollution. The increasing number of complaints filed by the residents of Kalyani Nagar serves as evidence of the police’s failure to maintain law and order in the area.

Given the gravity of the situation, the residents now have several questions for the authorities. First, they want to know what actions the police have taken thus far and why the complaints against noise pollution persist. Second, they are questioning why the police cannot enforce a shutdown time of 1:30 AM for these nightclubs, instead of allowing them to operate until 5 AM. Finally, the residents are asking why does the police not take strict action against repeated violators and residents are issued notice?