Pune Student Overcomes Challenges to Score 35 Marks in All Subjects

Pune Student Overcomes Challenges to Score 35 Marks in All Subjects
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Junnar, 4th June 2023: Pune witnessed an interesting twist in this year’s 10th class examination results of Maharashtra Board, as a student from Bori Salwadi village in Junnar taluka achieved remarkable scores. Vaibhav More, a 10th-grade student, scored 35 marks in all subjects, sparking discussions and curiosity among the locals.


Vaibhav comes from a humble background, as his parents work as farm laborers. Both his parents, Krishna More and his wife, have been engaged in agricultural labor in the Bori Salwadi area of Junnar taluka for the past 19 years. Due to their limited education opportunities, they have dedicated themselves to earn a living through labor-intensive agricultural work. The couple was ecstatic upon learning that their child had achieved 35 marks in all subjects.


Reflecting on his achievement, Vaibhav expressed surprise at his results. He mentioned that although he had studied diligently, he wrote down whatever he could remember during the exam. The young student did not anticipate achieving such marks but managed to pass by recalling the information he had studied. Even his friends were astonished by his impressive scores.


This accomplishment by Vaibhav has become a topic of discussion among locals, highlighting the power of determination and hard work. Despite the challenges faced by his family and their limited resources, Vaibhav’s commitment to his studies and his ability to recall what he had learned showcased his potential and resilience.