Pune: Prime Academy shines in ICSE Results

Prime Academy ICSE Toppers
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Pune, 18 July 2022: ICSE declared the 10th board results on 17 July. Three students from the Hadapsar branch of Prime Academy made Pune proud by getting their names on the country’s top list. Bhargawa Kolapalle secured All India Rank 3 by scoring a splendid 497 out of 500. Prathmesh Garud and Preena Sengupta followed with 493/500 each.


“I am happy to see my score and looking forward to continuing the momentum in IIT JEE as well. I am getting very comfortable with my JEE preparation and finding it very interesting.” said the ecstatic Bhargava, currently preparing for IIT JEE at Prime Academy Pune.


“If a student starts JEE preparation at the right time and tries to understand the fundamental reasoning behind every concept, s/he starts gaining interest in the subject. A good board score is a good confidence booster for students before they take on the bigger challenge of preparing for entrance exams like JEE. Rigorous problem-solving and frequent mock tests are helpful in the final exam. If this process is done under the mentorship of competent faculties, chances of getting into IIT increases,” said physics HOD of Prime Academy, DC Pandey. He is a renowned author of JEE/ NEET across the country.


Last week JEE mains results were declared, and out of 145 Prime Academy students, more than 108 students scored JEE advanced qualifying score. Twelve of them got more than 99 percentile, and 31 crossed the 98 percentile mark.

Prime Academy ICSE

Prime Academy is starting new batches for JEE 2024 preparation. “Within a few lectures at Prime, I have gained confidence in a significant chunk of the JEE syllabus of JEE. Recent JEE mains results were a big confidence booster for me as all our seniors from the Prime Hadapsar batch cleared JEE mains, with half of them getting 99 percentile. I am sure of following in their footsteps “, said Preena Sengupta, who scored 493/500 in ICSE.


“A good score in 10th board indicates that a student can put in enough effort and has a systematic approach towards studies. S/he must keep the bigger picture in mind i.e. preparation for entrance exams like JEE/ NEET. There is nothing to worry if someone couldn’t score good in 10th board for any reason as many students have made us proud by getting into IIT despite having an average score in 10th board” said Lalit Kumar, B.Tech IIT Bombay, CMD Prime Academy.


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