Pune: Private Hospitals Must Display Rates For Treatment – AAP

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Pune, 6th October 2021: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has demanded that private hospitals must display the rate of treatment as stipulated by the law.


Maharashtra State Government has amended the Nursing (Maharashtra Nursing Homes Registration Rules) Act. One of the provisions has made it mandatory for private hospitals to display their rates of treatment properly.


AAP has asked the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) should immediately tell private hospitals to implement this rule.


The party has given petitions in this regard to Mayor Murlidhar Mohol, Health Department head Dr Ashish Bharati, and Assistant Health Officer Dr Manisha Naik.


Dr Abhijit More, Deepak Jadhav, Vinayak Bhise, Anushka Kondra were present on the occasion.


The private hospitals have to display the following rates:

admission fee, ICU per day rate, doctor’s fees per visit, assistant doctor’s fees per visit, anaesthesia charges per visit, surgery charges, surgery assistance charges, anaesthesia assistance charges per visit, nursing charges per visit, saline and blood transfusion rates, special visit charge, multipara monitor charge, pathology rates, oxygen rate, radiology and sonography rates.


If private hospitals do not display the above-mentioned rates, their registration can be cancelled under the Nursing Act.