Pune: School Boy Assaulted With Knife, Four Minors Booked

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Bhawani Peth, 1st February 2024: A shocking incident took place at Ramoshi Gate on Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Road in Pune, where an attempt to take the life of a 10th-grade boy occurred following a heated altercation between him and four fellow schoolmates. The incident, which transpired within the premises of Savitribai Phule Secondary School in Bhawani Peth, has prompted the registration of a case at Khadak Police Station, Pune City police.

According to reports, a 15-year-old boy, residing in a slum in Bibwewadi, who is a student at Savitribai Phule Secondary School, filed a complaint regarding the incident. The four accused, also minors, are enrolled in Urdu High School located within the same educational compound.

The altercation between the victim and one of the accused, transpiring on January 29, escalated due to exchanged hostile looks. Following the school hours, the accused confronted the victim, expressing dissatisfaction with his perceived attitude and alleged bullying behavior. The confrontation quickly turned violent, with the accused employing an iron rod, iron chain, leather strap, and a knife to assault the victim.

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The assailants subjected the victim to severe physical harm, targeting his hands, neck, and ultimately attempting to end his life by stabbing him on the right side of the chest. The injured boy managed to survive the assault and subsequently reported the incident to law enforcement.

The Khadak Police Station has taken prompt action, registering a case against the four minor students involved.