Pune: Sinhagad Road Police Seize Pistol And Cartridges, Arrest Accused

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Pune, 14th June 2023: The Sinhagad Road Police have made a significant seizure, confiscating one pistol and two live cartridges from an individual in unauthorized possession. The accused has been apprehended and is now in custody. The incident unfolded when the accused, who was already under police surveillance, was found to be involved in suspicious activities near Chavan School in Dhayari, Pune.

Police Naik Rajabhau Vegre, Police Naik Amit Bodre, and Police Constable Amol Patil, while on a crime prevention patrol, received information from regarding the accused. Acting promptly, the policemen reported the information to their seniors, who ordered them to proceed to the location, set up a trap, and confirm the presence of the described individual.
Upon spotting the accused at the designated spot, the police personnel attempted to apprehend him around 10.30 pm on June 10.

The accused was identified as Tanay Gurunath Todkar, a 21-year-old resident of Dhayari, Pune. A search conducted led to the discovery of a countrymade pistol and two live cartridges, totally worth Rs 41,000. Sub Inspector Ganesh Mokashi is conducting further investigtion.

The successful operation was carried out under the guidance of DCP (Zone 3) Suhail Sharma, ACP (Sinhagad Road Division) Rajendra Galande and Senior Police Inspector Abhay Mahajan and Police Inspector (Crime) Jayant Rajurkar. The team included PSI Sachin Nikam, Ganesh Mokashi, Police Constables Aba Uttekar, Sanjay Shinde, Amit Bodre, Vegre, Vikas Pandole, Vikas Bandal, Amol Patil, Rahul Olekar, Shivaji Kshirsagar, Deva Chavan, Sagar Shedge, Daksh Patil, Datia Magar, and Avinash Konde.