Pune Traders Seek Police Intervention Against Extortion Threats From Mathadi Workers

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Pune, 9th February 2024: The Pune City Traders Association has raised concerns over the mistreatment of traders, urging Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar to put an end to the extortion practices under the guise of Mathadi workers. Assuring action against those involved in robbing traders, the Police Commissioner vowed to address the issue promptly.

A delegation led by Pune City Traders Association president Suresh Jain met Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar on Thursday to discuss the escalating problems faced by traders. The association extended a warm welcome to Amitesh Kumar, presenting him with a badge of honor and a bouquet of flowers.

The city’s business community is grappling with a wave of looting, often occurring under the pretext of Mathadi workers’ involvement. Criminal elements are resorting to threats against the lives of traders, prompting Jain to call for immediate and substantial police intervention to ensure the safety of traders.

Acknowledging the police force’s efforts to reduce crime, Jain emphasized the need for a more stringent approach in handling cases related to traders. The Police Commissioner assured that any criminal activities targeting traders would be treated with utmost seriousness.

Notable members of the traders association, including Nikhil Jain, Siddharth Jain, Deepak Jain, Vasant Jain, Dilip Balkawade, Mehul Oswal, Rakesh Jain, Vinayak Shinde, Suresh Chaudhary, Ashok Kumar Sarada, Nikhil Patil, Hasmukh Jain, Champalal Jain, among others, were present during the meeting with the Police Commissioner.