Pune: Two-Day Camp Organised For Land Acquistion For Service Road Along Mumbai-Bengaluru Highway In PCMC Area

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Pimpri Chinchwad, August 10th, 2023: The bustling National Highway No. 48, famously known as the Mumbai-Bengaluru Highway, passes through the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC). In a bid to enhance commuter convenience and bolster infrastructure, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has embarked on a project to develop a 12m wide service road alongside the highway.

This crucial undertaking aims to alleviate congestion and streamline traffic flow, particularly in densely populated areas. As part of this initiative, a comprehensive plan to acquire the necessary land for the service road has been set in motion.

The development plan envisions a 12m wide service road flanking both sides of the highway. The National Highway Authority of India, acknowledging the significance of this endeavor, has pledged its commitment to see it through. To facilitate this progressive development, the PCMC has called for the designated land allocation for the service road to be officially transferred to the National Highways Authority of India.

The specific areas that fall within the ambit of this project include Mauje Wakad, Tathawade, Punawale, Rawet, Mamurdi, and Kiwale. The planned lengths of the service road vary in these regions, with estimations as follows: Wakad (approximately 3710 meters on both sides), Tathawade (approximately 5200 meters on both sides), Punawale (approximately 3400 meters on both sides), Rawet (approximately 2740 meters on both sides), Mamurdi (approximately 1400 meters on both sides), and Kiwale (approximately 4400 meters on both sides).

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In alignment with the acquisition process, PCMC has reached out to those directly impacted by the service road project. A public notice was issued in local newspapers, urging affected landowners to avail the option of Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) or Floor Space Index (FSI) through the Municipal Corporation. This move aims to ensure equitable compensation and participation, providing landowners with a proactive role in the development process.

Considering the burgeoning market demand for TDR and its commendable financial returns, the Municipal Corporation envisions a lucrative avenue for landowners to optimize their benefits. As the value of TDR continues to surge, the proposition of embracing this opportunity is becoming increasingly appealing. Municipal officials anticipate a surge in landowners opting to work in tandem with the Municipal Corporation to secure their financial interests.

To expedite the land acquisition process and facilitate the timely development of the service road, the Urban Planning Department of the PCMC has organized a two-day camp. Scheduled to take place on August 17th and 18th at strategic locations, including Abaji Bhumkar Primary School in Wakad, Bapdev Maharaj Primary School in Kiwale, and PCMC Water Tank near Lotus Business School in Punawale, this camp aims to streamline the submission of necessary documents. The Town Planning Department will provide on-the-spot document verification and issue Form A/B based on eligibility criteria. Subsequently, after a review of Form A/B and TD.R./F.S.I. proposals, the Municipal Corporation will facilitate the issuance of the relevant approvals.

In light of this transformative endeavor, the PCMC encourages landowners in the areas of Wakad, Tathawade, Punawale, Rawet, Mamurdi, and Kiwale to actively engage in the process by completing Form A and Form B for the proposed 12m wide service road.


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