Pune: UREV and Bajaj Collaborate for Sustainable Last-Mile Logistics Revolution

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Pune, 18th November 2023: In a groundbreaking move towards greener and more efficient last-mile logistics, UREV, a forward-thinking logistics company, announced a strategic partnership with Bajaj, a renowned automobile giant.

Niraj Gaikwad, Co-founder of UREV, shared details of the collaboration, highlighting its significance in transforming the logistics landscape.

UREV, committed to leveraging technology and sustainable practices, has been at the forefront of last-mile delivery solutions. The company has successfully introduced electric vehicles (EVs) into its fleet, particularly in Pune and Bangalore. This initiative aligns seamlessly with UREV’s mission to provide efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective delivery services while minimizing its carbon footprint.

Speaking about the collaboration, Gaikwad stated, “Our strategic partnership with Bajaj marks a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable last-mile logistics. Together, we are deploying electric three-wheelers for last-mile deliveries, contributing to cleaner and greener cities.”

The recent G20 summit, hosted in India, emphasized the pivotal role of technology in the nation’s last-mile logistics. UREV echoes this sentiment, actively harnessing technology to enhance efficiency and sustainability in its operations. Gaikwad expressed UREV’s full support for increased tech investment in India’s logistics sector and the development of customized technology solutions to address unique challenges.

The first batch of electric three-wheelers, a result of the collaboration with Bajaj, was received last Thursday, signifying a tangible step forward in UREV’s commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of last-mile deliveries. Gaikwad highlighted that these vehicles are designed to deliver superior performance and eco-friendliness, reflecting UREV’s dedication to sustainability.