Pune: Verification Of Property Card, 7/12 Land Records Started

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Pune, 23rd June 2022: As part of the drive to close 7/12 land extracts in the city, the Land Record Department has started verification of 7/12 and property cards. So the land records of the properties which are in progress, or 7/12, however, the property card is not created or both, or the property card is not registered on 7/12, then in these cases, only property card will be maintained after searching for such properties. Therefore, this drive will help to avoid fraud of citizens and banks.


In the cities where the city survey has been executed, both the 7/12 transcripts of the property and the property card are in operation. Or, even after the city survey has been done, 7/12 transcripts are in progress, and the land records department has already decided to close 7/12 in such cities and keep only property cards there. For this, the land records department has developed a computer system with the help of the National Informatics Centre (NIC).

Property cards of all properties have already been prepared by the Land Record Department within the municipal limits. However, the 7/12 excerpts from that place were not closed. Therefore, in many places, 7/12 is used for buying and selling seats as per convenience, which has raised many questions. Also, fraud is also increasing.

Therefore, the Land Record Department had decided to close 7/12 excerpts from the City Survey area. Accordingly, 7/12 in Pune city was closed. However, some property cards have not been created. Therefore, such property owners are facing difficulties in dealing with them. Even though property cards of some properties have been prepared, 7/12 transcripts have also continued. In some cases, property cards have not been taken in the name of 7/12.

The work of joint verification of 7/12 and Property Card has been undertaken by the Land Record Department. Officials of the Land Records Department said that the property card will be kept in all the uncultivated lands in the city. However, where there is farmland, only 7/12 will be continued at present.

The benefits of a property card to citizens are reported as, “7/12 will be deported and citizens will get a property card, every income limit will be fixed, illegal purchase of property, which will result in a restriction on the property sale, property owners will get loans easily, encroachments will be removed and citizens will get a property card at their doorsteps.