Pune: Vimantal Police Arrest Wanted Accused Who Had Been Wanted For Months

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Viman Nagar, 9th March 2023: On 25th September 2022, Feroze Mohammad Shaikh and his accomplices were accused of attacking a vendor Anand Mahesh Nadgam. They had attempted to forcefully take a watchman’s walkie-talkie that he had left on Nadgam’s handcart.

During the attack, Feroze Mohammad Shaikh and his accomplices not only insulted the complainant but also physically assaulted him. Firoz Shaikh hit Nadgam’s back with an iron rod, resulting in severe injuries and a partially broken tooth.

A case was registered at Vimantal Police Station, Pune City, and the accused Feroze Sheikh had been on the run since then. After receiving information about Feroze’s whereabouts from policemen Nana Karche and Yogesh Thopte, the police set up a trap and arrested him.

The investigation team included Senior Police Inspector Vilas Sonde, Police Inspector (Crime) Sangeeta Mali, PSI Ravindra Dhaware and policemen Avinash Shewale, Sachin Kadam, Sachin Jadhav, Rupesh Pisal, Girish Nanekar, Nana Kache and Yogesh Thopte.