Pune Weather Forecast: Below-Average Monsoon Expected for Most of Maharashtra

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Pune, 3rd June 2023: The state of Maharashtra is likely to experience approximately 95 percent of the average rainfall during the monsoon season, according to experts. However, excluding Central and East Vidarbha, most regions of the state are expected to receive below-average rainfall.



In light of this forecast, agricultural experts are advising farmers in low rainfall areas to focus on cultivating crops that are suitable for water-scarce conditions.


Dr. Ramchandra Sable, former head of the meteorology department at Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, emphasized the importance of water conservation and crop selection during a press conference.


Dr. Sable based the forecast on a localized “rain forecast” model, which takes into account factors such as maximum temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and sunshine duration. He noted that Pune district is likely to experience around 94 percent of the average rainfall, highlighting the need for water management strategies.


The impact of climate change on monsoon patterns was also discussed, with Dr. Sable mentioning unseasonal rains during the summer season and a slightly lower average maximum temperature. The monsoon is expected to arrive in Maharashtra by June 10.


The forecast suggests that August and September will see the most rainfall during the monsoon season. Additionally, experts anticipate the possibility of intense rainfall over shorter durations this year. They have also observed indications of an active monsoon branch in the Bay of Bengal, while the branches in the Arabian Sea are expected to remain generally active.