Pune: Woman Uses Husband’s Email To Threaten IT Company With Bomb For Not Giving Attention After His Second Marriage

Pune: Woman Uses Husband's Email To Threaten IT Company With Bomb
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Chandannagar, 14th June 2023: A 32-year-old woman, frustrated with her husband’s lack of time and attention, has resorted to threatening an IT company with a bomb to convey her dissatisfaction. Shockingly, she utilized her husband’s email account to send the threat. Pune Police has arrested the woman in connection with this incident.

The accused Farhin Shainkh (33) works as an English teacher in a private coaching institute located in Kondhwa. Her husband worked with an IT company in Kharadi. However, the husband recently quit his job at the company mentioned in the threatening email. Two emails sent on June 11, which falsely claimed the presence of a bomb in the IT company and its cabs, prompted the police to detain the husband for questioning. After getting information from the company on the morning of June 12, the cops had checked the company premises as well as cabs. They discovered that the email contained the phone number of the concerned husband.

Upon investigation, the police traced the IP address of the email and discovered that it originated from the husband’s tablet. During the interrogation, the accused woman admitted sending the email. It is worth noting that the couple had previously contemplated divorce but decided against it after reaching an understanding. The woman confessed that she sent the bomb threat in order to teach her inattentive husband a lesson. She told police that her husband was not giving attention to her after his second marriage.

The woman has been arrested, and a case has been filed against her under Section 506 (2) and relevant sections of the IT Act at Chandannagar police station.