Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii

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Question: How did you bag the central character in the show Dharam Patni?

Answer: By auditioning and nothing else. So, my manager sent me an audition for this show, and I auditioned for Pratiksha’s character. And I completely forgot about it after auditioning. A few days later I got a call saying that I have been selected. I’ve auditioned for almost all the roles in this show but yeah, I got lucky to bag this role.


Question: Since you are not married. What an ideal Dharam Patni should be according to you?

Answer: I have just started with this show, so I am learning a lot from Pratiksha’s character, how she is and what she does. In real life, I think I am not like that. I believe today the roles are very different in real life as compared to reel life. So, I believe, nothing is perfect or ideal, it’s mutual from both sides. There has to be love, understanding and trust, and eventually, things get better if these three pillars are there in a relationship from both sides. So, I feel this is what an ideal Dharam Patni or Dharam Pati should be in real life


Question: How did you prepare yourself for the role?

Answer: Pratiksha is a Gujarati girl, so I had to learn the basic Gujarati lingual. A few of my friends are also Gujarati so they had helped me in learning the language. Apart from that, I’ve been learning through dialogues and whatever is coming my way. So this was one of the preparations for going into the skin of Pratiksha, my character.


Question: Please brief about your character and story in length.

Answer: So about my character Pratiksha, she is a very grounded woman. She is a school teacher who loves kids. This side of her you will witness in the initial episodes. Other than that, Pratiksha is someone who is very family oriented. She loves her family, her parents, and her sisters and takes care of them. She is strong and optimistic; this is Pratiksha’s character. If I relate myself to her I would say, Pratiksha is strong and I am not sure if I will be like her when it comes to facing challenges. But optimism is something that we both inculcates within us. Talking about the storyline it’s going to be very different because there are two couples and they have their own stories. Later on, you will see what role destiny plays in the lives of Ravi & Pratiksha and how their lives get affected. That would be very interesting to watch. This is the essence and to watch the rest you will have to tune in to Colors and Voot at 8:00 PM Monday to Friday from 28th November.


Question: You’re bonding with Fahmaan Khan.

Answer- So, Fahmaan and I, we haven’t shot much together but from the shoot done till now, what I know about him is that he’s very down to Earth and I’m willing to learn a lot of things from him. He’s a happy-go-lucky person and is very chill and sorted. I only get good vibes from him, so it’s been great so far.


Question: How was your overall 2022 has been framed?

Answer: Overall, I would say it was OK, but now I think the ending is going to be great because of this show. So, I did not start with a bang, but I’m ending it with a bang. So, I think I would say it was OK in starting, but now it’s amazing.


Question: How was your journey till date from modeling to acting?

Answer- Oh, I love my modeling days. That was the first thing I always wanted to do when I decided to move to Mumbai. But just like how destiny will play a part in our show, in real life also destiny played a part, and I ended up here and I’m only grateful for it. Modeling was like my first love, but now I think since I’ve started to act, I will continue to do so. But it was a fun journey and I’ve only gained experience from that.