Rare Catch: Fishermen In Indapur Net 30 Kg Silver Fish On Holi

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Indapur, 6th March 2023: A massive 30 kg silver fish has caused a stir among locals, after being caught by fishermen Gopal Rajput and Krishna Rajput in the Ujani catchment area.

The rare catch was sold for a whopping Rs 5,400 at the Tejashree Fish Market, owned by Dattatraya Vyavaye in the Indapur Agricultural Produce Market Committee’s fish market. The fish has gained widespread attention, especially during the Dhulvad festival.

The catch has been hailed as a once-in-a-lifetime achievement, as it is the first time such a big silver fish has been caught in the area. The fishermen and the fish market owner expressed their excitement at the find and the substantial sale. The rarity and size of the fish have made it a hot topic of discussion among locals.