SUV Engulfed in Flames on Pune-Bangalore Highway, Quick Response by Fire Brigade Averts Tragedy

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Sinhagad Road, 19th January 2024: At 07:49 PM today, the Sinhagad Road Fire Station received a call about a vehicle on fire at Dari Bridge on the Pune-Bangalore highway. Responding promptly, a fire engine was dispatched to the scene.



Upon arrival, firefighters observed a four-wheeler extensively engulfed in flames. Immediate actions were taken to ensure no one was trapped in the vehicle. The team efficiently used water to bring the fire under control within five minutes, successfully eliminating the imminent danger. The Renault SUV vehicle belonged to a resident of Kolhapur who was travelling from Pune to Kolhapur.

The owner noticed smoke emanating from the front of the vehicle and, recognizing the potential danger, quickly pulled over the side of the road. The fire brigade was promptly contacted, preventing any injuries or casualties. Unfortunately, despite the swift response, the vehicle sustained significant damage and was completely consumed by the fire.

The firefighters involved in the operation, namely Drivers Vijay Sakhre and Tandel Santosh Bhilare, along with Jawans Tushar Kare and Amar Atole, demonstrated commendable efficiency in managing the situation.

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