Running of freight trains in a Block through “Convoy Movement”

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Running of freight trains in a block through Convoy Movement by creating coaching free corridors has been a major initiative undertaken since September, 2018, for improving freight throughput, especially on the coal carrying routes. Minister of Railways & Coal, Shri Piyush Goyal has been closely following up on the implementation of this initiative.

This innovative way of running freight traffic has been successfully implemented on Korba-Bilaspur-Anupur-New Katni-Agasod/Bina-Jhansi-Kota routes, Ghaziabad-Allahabad-Pt. Deen Dayal Upadyaya Junction routes and Bilaspur-Jharsuguda-Rourkela sections.  This convoy system was also tried on the Asansol-Jhajha-Barauni section (251.65 kms) on 3rd/4th November, 2018 which was successful.

In order to maximize throughput during the coaching free corridors, detailed planning of loads, locomotives and crews is being done.  Senior officers are deputed in the control offices to monitor the planning, ordering and running of freight trains in the convoy.  Traffic inspectors and loco inspectors are deputed to foot-plate in the locomotives of the freight trains to ensure no time loss takes place in the clearance of block sections.

Shri Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways and Coal chairing a review meeting of the senior officers of Railway Board and Zonal Railways on this innovative Freight Convoy Initiative applauded the all out efforts put in by Railway Officers and staff in successful implementation of this movement. He further said that successful endeavors should be made to expand the Freight Capacity of Indian Railways without compromising the overall passenger movement and maintenance requirements.

The increase in  freight throughput across identified key sections /interchange points of SECR, WCR, NCR, ECR and ER during the days of freight convoy system has been as under:-


From Zone To Zone Inter-change point Interchange On Date Average inter-change
on Convoy Days
Average inter-change
on Non-Convoy Days
Percentage Improvement
29thSep 6thOct 13/14thOct 20thOct 3rd/4thNov 10th/



SECR WCR NKJ 40 43 41 41 42 39 41 28 46.4
NCR WCR AGD/BINA 46 47 40 34 45 42 36 17.8
NCR ECR DDU 49 49 42 45 46 37 25.0
ECR NCR DDU 43 45 45 44 44 36 22.9
SECR SER JSG 35   32 34 24 39.6
SER SECR JSG 35   32 34 24 39.6
ER ECR JAJ 20   20 12 66.7


Thus, both in the loaded direction and in the empties direction there was significant increase in freight trains and throughput.

At present, ECR, ER, NCR, SECR, SER and WCR are running freight Convoys in some corridors. Other Zonal Railways will also take up running of freight corridors on their routes based on requirements. It is felt that, there is huge potential for increasing freight throughput across all Zonal Railways by introduction of freight Convoy System for 2 or 3 times a week.  This would help in improving mobility of rakes required for coal loading as well as other commodities.

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