Sania Mirza’s Father Confirms Divorce with Shoaib Malik Through ‘Khula’

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Hyderabad, 20th January 2024: Former Pakistani cricket captain Shoaib Malik made a public announcement on Saturday regarding his marriage to actress Sana Javed through a post on his social media account.

Malik, previously married to Indian tennis icon Sania Mirza, revealed his second marriage in Karachi. However, Mirza’s father, Imran Mirza, disclosed that his daughter and the 41-year-old cricketer had undergone a divorce through ‘Khula’ before Malik’s second marriage.

In Islamic jurisprudence, Khula allows a woman to unilaterally initiate a divorce from her husband. Malik expressed his sentiments with the caption, “Alhamdullilah. And We created you in pairs,” on his social media platform, X (formerly Twitter).

Malik and Mirza initially tied the knot in 2010 in the tennis player’s hometown of Hyderabad. However, speculations about their separation had circulated since 2022. The couple’s absence from public appearances and Malik’s recent unfollowing of Mirza on Instagram added to the rumors.

Sana, previously married to singer Umair Jaswal in 2020, reportedly divorced him a few months ago. Amidst the ensuing buzz following Malik’s announcement, Sania shared a cryptic message on her social media, stating, “Marriage is hard. Divorce is hard. Choose your hard! Life will never be easy. It will always be hard. But we can choose our hard. Pick Wisely!”

Mirza, a stalwart in Indian sports, has been a prominent figure in women’s sports for nearly two decades, serving as an ambassador for the sport and women in general.