PMC, Police works together for encroachment free roads

Shivanee Thote

Pune, January 21, 2020: The crowd throughout the roads have created a havoc for pedestrians to walk freely on the footpaths. Also it has increased the number of road accidents. Due to which officials from Pune Police and Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) have taken a step towards encroachment free roads.

The cops alonwith anti-encroachment department of PMC have worked together to overcome the problem of vendors, hawkers, encroachers on various roads throughout the Pune city.

Not only vendors, hawkers are the reason of this nuisance on the roads but also the citizens park their vehicles on the roads and keep it unutilized for many days. At some routes the vehicles are parked in double lanes due to which the width of roads gets narrow and no place is left for travelers.

Due to the minimum amount of fine, it let the encroachers get away by paying the amount, which has led to the increasing number of vendors on the roads illegally. The main initiative by PMC is to provide hassle free and smooth traffic through the ever busy roads like FC road, Laxmi road and many other routes.

Right now the Anti Encroachment Department PMC are working on 11 major roads that is Nagar Road, FC Road, JM Road, Bajirao Road, Shivaji Road, Tilak Road, Shastri Road, Laxmi Road, Kumthekar Road, Karve Road, and Sinhagad Road.

One of the PMC official said that, “we have our 50 police staffs working on this, beside that we have our 15 ward offices of PMC and three Central squad where each official works independently to look after the encroachers.”

He further added, “Our motive is to remove all illegal vendors who are doing their business on the roads and creating nuisance for the pedestrians. Our officers has already proceeded on Bajirao Road, Shivaji Road, Nagar Road.”

“At present they are working on the busiest streets that is the FC Road and JM Road under the orders of Deputy Commissioner, Madhav Jagtap”, he said.